Parcel orders from Yiwu Plummets 60% Month on Month


《Parcel orders from Yiwu Plummets 60% Month on Month》

Image Source : China Visual

BEIJING, August 18  (TMTPOST) — On the evening of Wednesday, the Yiwu government announced that from 00:00 of Thursday, the majority of the city will return to normal and logistics, e-commerce, trade, industry and other business production and operations will resume.

The “static management” had lasted for a week since last Thursday. During the period of “static management,”  operations were suspended in all public places except medical institutions and services to ensure the basic livelihood of the residents. “White listed” enterprises, key logistics parks, key logistics enterprises and other important enterprises are allowed to conduct closed-loop production and operation. Those who failed to meet the Covid-19 control requirements must suspend production and operation.

There are still three medium-risk areas and one low-risk area. As for the areas under static management, the government requires residents to obey the rule of “whoever runs a business is responsible for Covid-19 control in the premise of the business..”and conduct strict health monitoring of employees. Operations at the airport, railway stations, long-distance passenger stations have been resumed. Visits from out of the city are not recommended if not necessary. People must hold a 72-hour negative nucleic acid certificate and a health QR code with green color in order to leave the city.

Most of lines in Yiwu train station have been restarted. But 36 flights from Yiwu Airport stay canceled. Yiwu freight volume plummeted 61.8% in August from July this year, according to G7 IoT platform.

In the morning of Thursday, Lai Meisong, Chairman and CEO of ZTO Express, said at the second quarter earnings meeting that the resumption of express business in the Yiwu region is pending notifications from the government, which are expected to be issued in the next day or two. Some express stations have resumed collection and delivery business. Under normal circumstances, the daily volume in the Yiwu region reached about 6-7 million pieces, accounting for about 10% of the total volume of ZTO Express.